Innholders give £22,400 to small charities

When the Court met in July as Trustee of the Innholders' Charitable Foundation it agreed awards amounting to £22,400 to ten small charities.

The Charity sub-committee, chaired by Short Term Assistant Edmund Brandt, considered over 50 applications and recommended the successful projects to the Trustee.

The charities which the Foundation was able to help were:

  • Apollo Music Projects £3,000: for Music for Wellbeing: a music education programme in Shacklewell Primary School in Hackney.  
  • RAW Workshop £2,000: to RAW, a long-established workshop and wood working workshop in Blackbird Leys, Oxford for its Potential with Education project working to improve educational opportunities for young people. 
  • Crown and Manor Club, Hoxton £2,500: to fund the after school Junior Club for boys aged 7-12.  
  • Second Chance Childrens Charity £1,500: towards a ‘back to school’ programme for inner city children in Hampshire. 
  • Miracles £3,000: For food and activity boxes for children living in east London boroughs during the school holidays. 
  • Families United Network £3,000: funding towards the cost of weekly respite and holiday activity clubs for over 200 disabled children with additional and complex needs.  
  • Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre £1,200: towards ‘SNC in Bloom’ to improve the wellbeing and health of 30 elderly people in Brent by running weekly garden therapy sessions. 
  • Finchley Food Bank £2,500: to purchase additional food, nappies and hygiene products for distribution by the Food Bank 
  • Fulham Good Neighbour Service £1,000: supporting a decorating project to improve living conditions among elderly people in Fulham. 
  • Hot Line Meals Service £2,500: for the ‘Sustaining the Secluded’ service of hot meals delivered to vulnerable or socially isolated elderly people in Hackney. 

The Charity Committee is now resuming visits to the charities it supports and members of the Company who would like to get involved are invited to contact the Clerk to express their interest.