William Austin & Florence Balls Dinner

As another Christmas draws nearer, it is time to celebrate the memory of our benefactors William Austin and Florence Balls and all the amazing work that the charity does to help people.  What better way to celebrate than to have a wonderful meal prepared by Herbert Berger and his team.

Yet another delicious dinner washed down with lovely wine.  As we were tucking into the Steamed Stone Bass, there must have been more than one member wondering if it was appropriate to mop up the sauce with the bread.

The toast to The Company of Innholders was proposed by the longest standing freeman present, Freeman Anne Groom.    In her brief but captivating toast, she commemorated The Company, tradition and family.  She said that the Hall is “definitely a home from home” So much so that two weeks prior, her daughter was married close by at St Michael Paternoster Royal, where Alice was Christened and indeed, Anne and Graeme were married themselves, and the reception was held at the hall, with Herbert preparing a very enjoyable Wedding Breakfast.

The Master then proposed a toast to our benefactors, particularly William Austin Balls and Florence Balls.  Reminding everyone that, although this evening is one of fun and friendship it is truly one of serious work and the charitable Christmas Spirit that lies behind.

The evening was rounded off with St. Bride’s Church choir making everyone feel very festive.  The Twelve Days of Christmas also provided some much-needed exercise after all that good food and wine!

Freeman Richard Turner