The Patronage Committee

The Worshipful Company of Innholders acts as the trustee of the Charitable Funds it has been given through the generosity of Innholders' bequests, together with the income that has been earned from these or which it has earned in the past.

The investments are managed by our Investment Committee who have a responsibility to the Court to preserve the capital value in real terms whilst providing for real increases in the annual grant giving. The income generated from these invested funds is awarded to a variety of schemes and projects under the management of our Patronage and Charity Committees.

Our giving is directed towards three separate groups: the elderly, the young, and the hospitality industry, and different members of the committee take responsibility for the various projects we support. We seek to be transparent in our approach and this website provides us with an opportunity for visitors to see the basis on which our Patronage Committee works.

If member's would like to make a regular donation to the Innholders Charitable Foundation please complete a Gift Aid Declaration and Standing Order form and send to the Clerk's Office at Innholders' Hall.

Applications For Funding

We welcome applications for funding support for projects that satisfy our criteria. Applications should describe the project, the intentions behind the project, the size of the award being sought and the way in which the project will be managed.

Should the Committee react positively it is likely that you will hear from one of the members who may want further information or have some questions.

The Company is proud of the enormous and far reaching benefits that have been derived by so many people as a result of the schemes it supports. The Patronage and Charity Committees work hard to ensure that best possible use is made of the funds, and to ensure we act in accordance with the Charity Commission guidelines.

We would welcome any comments and feedback from those with whom we work, or ideas about how we might improve our performance. Applications, comments or ideas should be addressed to

The Clerk
The Worshipful Company of Innholders  

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