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Innholders Charitable Foundation

Here are five top facts you may not know about the Innholders Charitable Foundation

  • Formed by the amalgamation of seven previously unincorporated charities, the Innholders Charitable Foundation is now in its fourth year of operation
  • Collectively, our Company’s Court of Assistants are known as the Corporate Trustee of the Foundation, with overall responsibility for the prudent management of investments and endowment to support our charitable activities
  • Our Company meets the costs associated with running the charity and whilst there are some investment management charges, an extremely high percentage of income and endowment is distributed to support charitable activities (over £325,000 expended last year) and the Master Innholders Scholarship Programme (nearly £167,000)
  • Total income last year, excluding grants, exceeded £369,000 and income from investments was just under £243,000. Cazenove Capital Management ensure that the portfolio has a spread of investments in all the major asset classes
  • Grants totalling £100,000 were received from the Savoy Educational Trust, the Master Innholders’ Charitable Trust and the Lord Forte Foundation to support the Master Innholders Scholarship Programme

To find out more on the scope and reach of the Foundation, please read the 2017 Trustee Report

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