The Master's Visit to Buckingham Palace
for Teach First's 15th Anniversary

It is difficult not to feel a little bit important when one is ushered through the gates of Buckingham Palace to the courtyard beyond! Even when there are quite a few others in a queue to do so, one is getting a glimpse into one of the most iconic buildings in the World … and you know the tourists are jealous! The Palace, especially the art, does not disappoint; and neither did the reception for Teach First’s 15th Anniversary hosted by HRH the Prince of Wales, who was instrumental in getting the charity off the ground with a challenge to business to do something to help schools.

Over the last fifteen years, Teach First has become the UK’s largest recruiter of trainee teachers and the Company is pleased to have played a small part in that: initially funding teacher training and, more recently, in support of the leadership development programme, which aims to help equip those who continue in teaching – and many do – with the skills needed to run a department or take on the role of head.

A highlight of my year is getting to see places that I’ve only seen from the outside, and this was a real treat. Coupled with the opportunity to meet others who have supported by the charity, and been supported by it, it made for a memorable evening.

Charles Attlee

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