The Clink

£90,000 over 3 years

The Clink Charity’s sole aim is to reduce reoffending rates of ex-offenders. They work in partnership with Her Majesty’s Prison Service to run projects that train and give practical skills to prisoners to aid their rehabilitation. The Clink Restaurants allow prisoners to learn, engage with the public and take their first steps towards a new life.

They do this by the implementation of their 5 step programme - Recruit – Train – Support – Employ – Mentor. It is here that the Innholders' grant is used to fund a support worker who works with all trainees pre and post release.

They engage 3 months before release and assess the needs of the client, not just the preferred employment outcome. This, in itself can highlight many issues awaiting the trainee upon release which they endeavour to address in the timeframe; housing, identification, bank account, CV, mental health issues, drug & alcohol recovery if applicable, addressing outstanding debt, family and social issues, probation and licence requirements and finally employment.

The Clink's network of employers have also formed effective relationships with the support workers and are familiar with The Clink and its programme thus another trusting and valuable resource for those going into the hospitality industry. Over time it has been seen that the trainees stay with employers, get promoted and remain loyal to those who have given them a fair opportunity. This tends to be a real plus point when talking to employers as they are helping fill skills shortages with excellent candidates and in turn assisting the employer to build a stable, less fluid team.

The success of the programme shows in the statistics - up to 49% of people released will reoffend in their first year whereas The Clink has a sub 10% reoffending rate over the same time period. Anyone coming through the programme is (statistically proven by Justice Data Lab) 41% less likely to reoffend than someone in the same group without support.

The Innholders' Charitable Foundation first started supporting the Clink charity in 2014 when they first employed a Mentor, Mark Sillery. In the past 3 years he has become Director of Support Work and Mentoring and they they have have an additional five support workers.

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