Company Event with No. 32 (The Royal) Squadron RAF


On Monday 30th October the Master and Short Term Assistants, Kezia Hanson and Alex Clarke, hosted 28 Innholders and 40 RAF personnel at Innholders' Hall.

This was a great opportunity to allow the younger members to get to know each other a bit better and to strengthen our links with No. 32 (The Royal) Squadron RAF.

The evening started with 40 RAF walking through the door all at once, after travelling by tube from RAF Northolt in one group. (“Typical RAF,” the Clerk observed: “not able to act independently!”)

Rather than the usual formal seating plan, everybody took a number as they came into the hall which corresponded to a seat. However, during the evening we played musical chairs, with certain numbers being asked to move tables in order for everybody to meet more people.

Before each course one Innholder and of the RAF gave a description of the wine that was being served and then everybody was asked to stand up for which description they thought was correct: not as easy as it sounds, since the “wrong” descriptions were definitely meant to mislead the unwary.

The Commanding Officer, Wing Commander Steven Courtnadge, who has been with a close friend of the Innholders for the past couple of years, is moving-on to a new role and this was his last outing with his Squadron members, so he took the opportunity to thank them and run through some of the highlights of his time with the Squadron. It was a fascinating insight into the RAF world.

The evening finished-off with the traditional stirrup cup in the Reception Area, although it has been suggested that some of the Innholders and RAF carried on the evening’s conviviality in another hostelry. (Ed: Heaven forbid!)

In response to the Innholders hospitality, the RAF offered 3 seats in the RAF helicopter from the Squadron that was due to carry out the weather check before the main fly-past over of London for the Lord Mayor’s Show the next weekend. Unfortunately, this was cancelled due to weather conditions, however they have promised to re-schedule the flight, so we look forward to a report from one of the three lucky winners.

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