Charity Committee Grants & Visits

The Charity Committee meets officially every 6 months to discuss the incoming applications from numerous charities. The members of the committee are:-

The Rev. Canon Bill Christianson FNI (Chairman)

Assistant Andrew Ovey

Liverymen Alec Marsh

Liverymen Clare Kemp

Liverymen Justyn Herbert

Gillian Croxford (Assistant Clerk)

Each year the Committee award £35,000 in grants, varying between £500 and £2,500 each. The Committee generally gives out £17,500 each meeting however this depends on the applications received.

For the meeting in December 2016 there was a distinct lack of applications that fitted with the terms of reference of the charity committee and therefore only £11,620 was given.

The Committee find that there are very few charities for the elderly that make applications for grants. If you know of any charities that you think would benefit from a grant from the Innholders then please do contact Gillian Croxford.

After the grants have been awarded and agreed by the Trustees, members of the committee visit some of the charities to deliver the cheque and find out a little more about how the money will be used.

If you are interested in visiting a charity and delivering a cheque please do let Gillian know.

Click here to see the grants to be given in January 2017

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