City Livery Yacht Club Regatta

Avoiding the Royal Wedding fever, a stalwart group of Innholder sailors mustered at Cowes for the City Livery Yacht Club’s Annual Inter-Livery Regatta.

After a pleasant Friday evening carousing with the Dyers Company, the sailors awoke to thick sea fog, a lack of wind and no real prospect of early morning racing. Postponement followed postponement, with the race finally starting just before lunch.

The two largest Innholder boats – Flair V and Esprit – got off to a cracking start, whilst the smaller ones, Hourglass and JinTonic, made steady progress in the light airs and strong tide.

It was nip and tuck for the last leg of the race. Doubly exciting, as it was unclear at the final gun whether Esprit had done enough to win line honours and whether Flair V had pipped its closest rival and made third place. The results wouldn’t be revealed until later that night.

Three incidents marred a perfect afternoon on the water. Hourglass became becalmed and finished the race some time behind the rest of the fleet, JinTonic had to be towed back to port due to engine problems and Flare V was hit by a yacht helmed by a solo sailor. Crews were shaken, but mercifully not ‘stirred’.

At the Royal Squadron dinner the results were announced. Esprit won a well-deserved second place CLYC trophy, whilst the organisers changed the rules around our own Anne Glover Cup and presented it to third placed Flair V.

Special prizes were presented to two of our Past Masters. In recognition of his long-term organisational support CLYC presented an award to Hugh Evans, whilst a memento was presented to Graeme Groom for swimming into the marina to sort out JinTonic’s engine problem.

All thanks to Hugh for organising another successful Innholder event and to the yacht owners and crews for making this weekend a memorable occasion.

Further details of the race, the incidents, prizes and socialising will be reported in our Annual Review published later this autumn.