Teach First

£80,000 over 4 years

Teach First is working towards a day when no child’s educational success is limited by their socioeconomic background.

The Teach First charity was started 12 years ago with the objective to send ambitious and motivated young teachers into schools serving deprived areas, with the aim of raising standards. They are recruiting some of the brightest graduates, put them through a 6-week intensive training course and then send them to some of the most challenging schools in September. This year they will take on approximately 1,450 graduates. Their mission to end educational inequality, drives everything they do; achieving this through partnerships with schools, universities, charities, businesses and individuals who share their vision that no child’s success is limited by their background.

In 2014 The Innholders Charitable Foundation gave a grant of £40,000, over 2 years, to top up government funding for five teachers to complete the programme each year.

In 2016, the WCI committed another £40,000 over two years to help fund Middle Leadership CPD program for teachers, corporate coaching for all teachers facing challenges, and the Leadership Development Programme to develop Ambassadors in Leadership.

Each of these will not only give teachers the necessary skills to move into leadership positions in schools, but will help to not only improve the quality of that leadership but will in turn improve pupil performance in schools serving low-income communities. By 2019 their aim is to accelerate more than 1,380 ambassadors into leadership positions within schools, including middle and senior leadership and headship.