School Bursaries

The ICF is committed to widening access to high quality education by granting bursaries at a number of independent schools to children who have least access to them. The ICF grants the money to the school, who then offer means-tested bursaries to children that display academic ability, sporting or artistic skills, but not able to access the institutions without such financial assistance. The bursaries increase social mobility by widening education opportunities. In addition, bursaries are offered to assist families who experience sudden and unexpected hardship.

The ICF currently supports 9 children in 6 independent schools to the sum of £84,400. The Company has supported the City of London School and City of London School for Girls for over 20 years. In recent years the City of London Corporation match-fund each full-fees grant, therefore the costs of each pupil are met with a 50/50 split in fees. The school take applications from the most disadvantaged boroughs of London, where highly academic children would not have the opportunity to meet their full potential in local schools. Many of the children that are supported by the Company have gone on to be apprentices, freeman and liverymen of the company and are actively involved in assisting the Company in its charities and activities.