London Academy of Excellence

£50,000 over 4 years

The aim of London Academy of Excellence is to provide an academic sixth form education (focussing on Russell Group facilitating subjects) to children from some of the most deprived communities in the UK, specifically Newham and the surrounding boroughs. This support should enable them to compete more effectively for places at the best universities, and generally to improve their life chances.

In 2016 123 of their sixth formers secured places at Russell Group universities, including 6 to either Oxford or Cambridge. 10 have gone on to study medicine, and 44 girls have progressed onto STEM related courses. These sixth formers were able to secure their places on these courses because they secured outstanding A level grades.

The “Innholders’ Fund for Sixth Form Support” (a Hardship fund) provides grants to enable sixth formers who could not otherwise afford to do so to participate in extracurricular activities, which is an essential part in developing rounded young people with a deep knowledge of their subject and life-long skills and interests.

This is a fund being set up to benefit students from one of the most deprived boroughs in London, Newham (and its surrounding boroughs). Its aim is to enable them to access equipment, field trips and other enrichment activities relevant to their A level courses, in order to equip them to apply to the best universities in the UK and elsewhere.

In 2017, record-breaking results saw even more students achieving the very best grades needed to gain places at the country’s top universities. 99% of all grades were A*- C, a true reflection of the inclusive levels of attainment at LAE.