RAF Culinary Skills Competition

The RAF Culinary Skills competition is held each year to try and find the best possible Chefs and Caterers within the RAF to represent the Service against their Royal Navy and Army peers at the Exercise Joint Caterer held at Sandown Park.

The event is configured to develop and showcase their skills, the competition includes diverse and complex menus being set including Ethnic, Vegetarian, Lamb, Fish and Pasta as individual challenges, not forgetting the time constraint each Chef had to complete each delight.

This is a highly prestigious event and is judged not only by Service judges but some of the best chefs and Front of House Managers in the country.

The annual RAF Competition is a highly fought over event with each Station vying for the right to represent the RAF, the event is spread over two days and becomes a very charged atmosphere with competitors trying their best to beat fellow team members and often close personal friends.

Exercise Joint Caterer

£2,150 per annum

The primary aim of this 3 day exercise is to provide Chefs, Caterers and Stewards of HM Armed Forces with a competition which further develops their culinary skills. It also nurtures pride in professional achievement and builds team spirit, imagination, innovation and adaptability in order to excel on operations.

Each of the three services is able to demonstrate their skills on one dedicated day when they were judged by a panel of Service Personnel and Civilians. Each year the attracts world class judges and celebrity chefs. The battle for culinary supremacy between the services is among the hottest fought contests on the tri service calendar.

The event is open to the public and affiliations of the services and gives the opportunity to watch chefs and stewards of the British Armed Forces compete in a variety of individual and team live classes in the Practical Cookery Theatre. At the same time there is an Open Field Cookery Challenge, Culinary Arts and Static Displays in fats, salt dough’s, sugar craft and chocolate are exhibited over the three days as well as a programme of seminars and much more. In total there are thirty classes available at Senior, junior, Open and Novice levels. Encompassing in these classes are twelve ‘Blue Ribbon Events’, the classes where points are awarded towards the tri-service Challenge.

The event also has exhibitors of equipment of food and drink, plus representatives of the ACC Association Executive Council is there to answer questions and recruit as many of the caterers into the association.