The Master Innholders Scholarships

In 1996 the scholarship scheme devised jointly by The Worshipful Company of Innholders Hotel Advisory Committee, under the Chairmanship of by Michael Vass, and The Master Innholders, under the Chairmanship of Lord Thurso. It fully funded the initial scheme and has remained one of the leading financial backers along with the Savoy Educational Trust. In recent years the Lord Forte Foundation and the Master Innholders Charitable Trust have also financially contributed.

At a time when few companies were taking a long term holistic view of the overall industry, by investing in more rounded strategy focused training for their employees, the scheme’s designers had the visionary and altruistic goal of seeking to raise the management and strategic capability of the future leaders of the hospitality industry, as a whole.

The aim was “to allow Senior Managers below the level of General Manager to attend Management Colleges on short courses”. In so doing, it was felt that this would raise general management capability within the hospitality industry, by enabling up-and-coming managers, from whatever background, to gain wider strategic insight.

In the last 20 years, just under 300 individuals have benefitted from the scholarship programme and many of them are now at the top of the hospitality industry, in both position and thought leadership.

In 2002 the St Julian Scholars organisation was established, under the MI, as the alumni group for those who had been awarded scholarships and attended courses. The aim is to provide a forum and environment for the support of alumni in their continuing learning through a vibrant programme of meetings and events with people of shared common experiences. They also seek to give back to the industry through participation with charitable activities, mentoring and advice to those thinking of applying for scholarships themselves.