Licensed Trade Charity

The LTC was established over 200 years ago to provide support to those working within the licensing trade

The Licensed Trade Charity was established over 200 years ago to provide support and a safety net for families working in the pub industry. In recent years the charity’s remit has widened to assist those working in or retired from the wider licensed drinks trade. The charity’s close association with three successful schools provides an income to sustain its wider charitable support to the trade.

Innholders Mental Health Support

£65,000 over 3 Years

The LTC would like to play a strong role in providing support to those with mental health challenges, who work in the pub, bar and brewery sector.

The objectives of the project are:

 1) To build awareness and a reputation of offering useful support in mental health
– Annual digital campaign through employers
– PR activity
– Use research & resources from specialist mental health charities

2) To provide additional services to help with mental health issues
– Guides available on the new website
– Face to face counselling programmes for 20 people
– Telephone counselling for up to 250 people
– Critical incident support e.g. pubs affected by terrorism