Welfare Grants

Eligibility Criteria

– Worked within the direct provision of food, drink or accommodation away from home. Either the employee or the employer can have the industry connection. This means that either the applicant can have provided food, drink or accommodation directly, (e.g. they were a chef, bartender, hotel receptionist) or the company that they work/ed for does (e.g. worked for a catering company, bar, hotel)
– Worked within the industry for either one continuous year in the past five; for seven years in their lifetime or be currently working within the industry
– Worked in the UK and/or Northern Ireland
– Limited savings

Grants Available

Essential Needs Grant

– These grants are awarded for assistance towards the cost of an item or need considered essential for the wellbeing or improving the quality of life of the applicant.

Crisis Grants

– These grants are awarded to applicants of working age who have suffered a sudden loss of income due to bereavement, illness or injury. Awards are usually for a maximum of one year. The grant aims to assist with the general living costs of the applicant for a set time so that they have time to adjust to their new circumstances before returning to work.

Top-Up Grants

– These grants are awarded to people who have spent most of their life within our industry and are now on a very limited income. The grant aims to assist with their general living costs to ensure that an adequate standard of living is achieved.