The Golden Friends Newsletter

£15,500 per annum (funded since 2014)

The Hospitality Action newsletter is the main way in which they keep in contact with all of their Golden Friends. The newsletter is packed with useful information regarding State Benefits, changes to government legislation and support offered by HA and other organisations. There is always a competition (a very popular section and a great way of keeping the brain active) and a page for contributions from Golden Friends, such as anecdotes and poems.

The Winter Fuel Grants and other support services are promoted through the newsletter, it also includes leaflets and booklets from other charities where appropriate.

6 editions are published each year at a cost of £15,500 (including research, compilation and postage) per annum. The updated and larger newsletter (increased to 20 pages in mid-2015) has proved very popular with the Golden Friends. The 6 editions ensure that the Golden Friends receive regular contact from us in a fun and friendly way.

The newsletter is a vital part of helping the hospitality industry retirees combat loneliness. It provides the Golden Friends with a source of valuable information, provides reassurance and a link to the outside world and acts as a gateway for the other services and support they can offer such as a befriending scheme and regional lunches.

Age UK have done considerable research into the issue of loneliness and have reported that the effect of loneliness and isolation can be as harmful to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and is more damaging than obesity. Loneliness is also associated with depression, sleep problems, impaired cognitive health, heightened vascular resistance, hypertension, psychological stress and mental health problems.

Recent research has shown:

Hospitality Action asked the beneficiaries for some feedback about the newsletter and the following responses were received: