Charity Committee award £22,270 to small charities

The Charity Committee met in June 2018 to go through all the applications for funding. At the last meeting the majority of applications that were made were from charities assisting the young, the committee were delighted to see several applications from some great charities supporting the elderly.

The Dockland Settlements £3,200

Elderly Floristry Class in community centre in Rotherhithe to address loneliness and isolation. Provides a gentle activity in a friendly environment that gives them the opportunity to make new friends and have fun. 50% of cost for 25 people over 32 weeks.

Deptford Action Group for the Elderly  £5,000

Deptford Action Group for the Elderly runs a pop in centre and charity shop to combat loneliness and isolation. The centre and charity shop are run by volunteers and see 40 pensioners a day come into the centre. Grant is towards the post responsible for developing their volunteering and support schemes.

Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre £1,000

Supports elderly people with 6,000 specialist day care places each year including daily activities, health support, trips and outing, welfare rights advisory help and more. The grant is towards keep fit sessions run once a week by a fitness trainer who specialises in supporting people with significant health issues.

Westminster Boating Base £2,000

Delivers weekly 1.5 hour watersports sessions on the River Thames for 45 weeks for 50-80 older people. Aim of supporting newly retired people to help them retain civic participation and good health, preventing onset of age related health conditions that limit mobility and engagement.

Tower Hamlets Friends and Neighbours £3,000

Supports lonely and socially isolated older people in Tower Hamlets through a befriending, advocacy and support service to enable older people to overcome the barriers of loneliness, disadvantage, medical or cultural issues.

Stuart Low Trust £500

Supports people living with or recovering from mental illness, who are isolated, in despair, living in fear, homeless or in poverty. Grant pays for 2 narrowboat trips for 10 people in the summer.

Apollo Music Projects £2,500

A music education charity for disadvantaged children from primary or special schools tackling the common perception that classical music is elitist, inaccessible and difficult to understand.

Build Up £1,920

Runs practical construction projects for disadvantaged children and young people, giving them the opportunity to improve their communities, learn new skills and see the beneficial real-life impact. Grant for 2 skilled youth construction professionals to train 40 young people and equip them with the skills to and confidence to access a future not limited by where they live.

Carefree Kids £2,000

Improvement of the mental health of disadvantaged children and young people through non-directive therapeutic play, art, drama & dance/movement therapy to help release troubling emotions.

Intouch Kids £1,600

Offers support and guidance for families caring for disabled children through 24 hr helpline, respite breaks for parents and siblings, day trips and activities.