A Visit to Wandsworth Carers Centre

The Master and Liveryman Justyn Herbert visited the Wandsworth Carers’ Centre following a donation from The Charity Committee towards their endeavour to Improve the Quality of life of and for local Carers.

There are a number of programmes run by the Centre which include Stress management Courses, Carers’ Walk and talk outings, First Aid Courses, Information and Advice Service, Health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, developing partnerships through a host of organised programmes.

One of the things that I, who until recently was committed to an intense caring role for a friend, was unaware of is the detrimental effect role that can take on the role can have ones own health without either recognising or admitting it.

In this respect one of the many important programmes this Charity runs is related directly to the health of carers. Providing Annual Health Checks for Carers.

This service is available to unpaid carers, who are eligible to receive a 30 minute Carer Consultation with their GP.

The GP will check the physical and emotional health as well as assess what impact the caring duties might be having on the carer. Where relevant, the GP will refer the carer to Services that might be of further support to them in their role. This is one of the many programmes specifically related to health and well-being.

There are workshops for Carers is a programme designed around Self Care and Compassion, Relaxation, Self-Confidence, and Assertiveness.

One such programme was taking place on the morning we visited the Wandsworth office.  It was clear that there was “a full house” on this day which, is a clear indication of how much this and other programmes are needed and appreciated.

Both Justyn and I were impressed by the clarity of purpose and the reports of what they are achieving.

This just one example of where our personal Charitable giving to the Company can make a real difference through grants to those in need.